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HEY! Would  Y-O-U  like to be a future PRESENTER? It's fun to be a Presenter; not too hard; you'll be appreciated by the event attendees, and it looks good on your arts resume... DO IT. Call Dennis Jose at 312-371-4301 to reserve a time slot.! -- You'll be among folks who want to, "Get Art More Often!"


April 5 2010


April 5...
featuring noted European Artists GARSOT and KINA.
at The Art Lab, 5:30 - 8:30 PM

LIMITED TO FIRST 40 PERSONS WHO RESPOND.-- RSVP now! Just Click on the Talk to Us! link and we'll reserve your space or RSVP with Mimi at 773 991-3835.


An event fee of $10 supports this important Art Lab program. NOTE: Persons attending are asked to contribute $7 to $10 on a "sliding scale" basis, at the event fee level that they are comfortable paying.



presentation topic:


EVENT: 5:30-7:30
with First Tuesday social hour from 5:30-6:30 PM (light refreshments)
and the Artist's Presentation from 6:30-7:30
...plus four 10 minute Artist Presentations of their work from 7:30-8:30... including Bill Moran, RAW Pres. and much admired Chicago artist.















=> First Tues. Social Hour and Buffet from 5:30-6:30. Catering by The Balanced Kitchen and BOT Bakery.
=> The FEATURED ARTIST'S presentation from 6:30-7:30
=> Four 10 minute Guest Artist presentations of their work from 7:30-8:30 PM.

You are welcome to come early and stay late, or come and go at the times that work best for you!

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ART Blab Link (in pink!) and we'll reserve your space or RSVP with Mimi at 773 991-3835.


Come early and stay late.
 ...Or come and go at the times that work best for YOU!

Kina Bagovska says of her work:

"I listen and paint music. I try to interpret music making use of rhythms in my strokes."

Music is in the focus and essence of Kina Bagovska's art through its rhythmic expression of light.

Her recent paintings search for translucency, reflection, and refraction through use of papers and clear foils. She looks to the reflections surrounding us to create a different world that is unreal, dynamic and
changing. Backdrops of neutral paint tones serve as windows through which the layers are revealed. Juxtaposed layers create movement and depth in space.

Bagovska received a Master of Arts degree from the Academy of Arts in Poland.

She has lived in Chicago since 2000, working as a journalist for the Bulgarian newspaper, Bulgaria21
Century, and teaching art classes at Triton College, and at her private art studio.

KINA BAGOVSKA also has a show at ARC Gallery, 4/1 - 4/23/2011
ARC GALLERY Opening Reception is Friday, April 1, 6-9PM

Kina Bagovska's new exhibition: "Earth and Fire," seeks to explore and understand the relationship of the female figure to those created in ancient Bulgarian civilization. Ancient peoples have long made statuettes as metaphoric references to creation. Earth is an expression of the female spirit and Fire refers to male power. Both are part of the nature of humankind.

She draws and paints diverse body shapes which allude to the shape of excavated figurines but exceed their original size. Bagovska continually searches for translucency using graphic lines from the first layer as reflections of light in order to reveal movement and depth in space.

For More Info: ARC Gallery & Educational Foundation,  info@arcgallery.org ... and

Arc Gallery is an internationally recognized exhibition space that has been an integral part of the Chicago art scene since its inception in 1973. Founded during the women’s movement as an alternative to the mainstream gallery system, ARC is one of the oldest co-ops of its kind in the country.

Being a non-profit, woman artist-run cooperative, ARC continues its feminist tradition by providing exhibition opportunities for professional and emerging artists working in all media based on excellence of artwork, without discrimination toward gender, race, age, class, physical/mental ability, sexual, spiritual or political orientation.


Kina Bagovska has been a member of ARC gallery since 2002, and has received awards of Illinois ART Council, in 2003 and in 2008 for her art.



   Garsot and Kina
GARSOT (Gardiakos Sotirios) BIO:

Background: Born in Valta, Filiatra, Messinias, Greece, formerly known as "Sotirios", Garsot studied fine arts originally in Greece and did post graduate work in sculpture at the University of S. Africa in Pretoria.
Gardiakos Sotirios became "Garsot" in 1995, Sotirios creation of "Garsot" is
the composition of the first syllable of his last and first name. Gardiakos Sotirios: Garsot.

Works: Garsot's works comprise many different styles, from classic to modern to surrealism. One concept remains evident, Garsot paints to portray feelings of optimism, hope and to "make everyone feel good for a better tomorrow."

Exhibits: Garsot's work has been exhibited Worldwide including: The New England Fine Arts institute in Boston, MA; The Hellenic Museum in Chicago; the Illinois Art Institute; TIMOTKA, the International Museum of Twentieth Century Arts in Laguna Beach California, Many one man shows in galleries of Los Angeles, Rodeo drive, Beverly Hills and in 1988, Garsot's paintings were part of special public exhibition along with works of Picasso, Salvador Dali, Erte and Miro. Galleries presently exhibiting Garsot's work can be found in Santa Monica, Santa Barbara, International Aft Expo of LA and Houston TX. World galleries include South Africa, Johannesburg and Pretoria..
  Awards: Garsot received the first Award in 1988, Theme: Orange County Tomorrow. In 1991 he received the first Award in Hollywood as the Artist of the Year. Category: acrylic painting. In 2OOO received the Twenty-First Century ACHIEVEMENT AWARD by the American Biographical Institute as "Most admirable art" and whose career achievements and social contributions have been selected for permanent documentation in 5OO LEADERS of INFLUENCE, designed for biographical reference and inspiration for present day citizens of the Twenty first Century as well as future generations
5OO LEADERS of INFLUENCE is as permanent record at the U.S. Library of Congress, Washington, D.C. Publication date: 2001. In 2OO2 Garsot received a special Certificate of Appreciation from the City of Chicago personally awarded to Garsot by Mayor Richard M. Daley.

mail: garsot2OO1@yahoo.com






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