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Art Lab 123 is reaching out with postcards and tent cards!

When you attend an Art Lab event, you can get a postcard featuring one of these images.

Postcards highlight different projects of the Art Lab.

They also feature important figures that make Art Lab possible!

Image created by Dennis Jose, this is the first of many tent cards to come to send to friends and family for any occasion.


Come to our next event and pick up some free buttons!

HEY! Would  Y-O-U  like to be a future PRESENTER? It's fun to be a Presenter; not too hard; you'll be appreciated by the event attendees, and it looks good on your arts resume... DO IT. Call Dennis Jose at 312-371-4301 to reserve a time slot.! -- You'll be among folks who want to, "Get Art More Often!"


“Hey, what’s ART LAB 123?”
Our Mission
…or an answer to the Question: “Hey, what’s ART LAB 123?”

Art Lab is an experiment. It asks the question, "Is it possible to evolve the traditionally-defined Artist's Studio into a community Arts Hub?"

Our experiment has been underway since 2010. It continues to experientially gauge the extent to which an Artist's Studio can: 1) expand its vision to benefit multiple working artists; 2) serve art patrons; 3) enhance the quality of life of its residential and commercial neighbors.

The Art Lab promotes community building and purposeful living. It provides a meeting place and a work space for artists, art collectors and others to exchange ideas that promote a more balanced and sustainable life for persons and communities.

Can the tradition Art Studio's scope be enlarged in this socially significant manner. We believe so! The positive evidence to support our hypothesis is growing as we move further in our great experiment.

Want to be part of Art Lab 123? …Great!

We host monthly and special events but do NOT offer a traditional “the doors are open 9-5 and come on in” format. -- So email us at ArtLab123@aol.com to learn more about how you can make the Art Lab a creative sanctuary and a resource center as you start or move forward in your own individual projects and paths or with your groups’ arts or community building activities in Chicago and beyond.

We’re happy to get our monthly Art Lab Calendar of meetings, events and special workshops to you. Contact Art Lab event coordinator Mimi Clayton at mimisorganicexchange@gmail.com to join our email list. Keep up to date and engaged with exciting ideas and programs. Interact with some of the city and nation’s brightest and most insightful people. -- We hope to see you at The Art Lab soon…and often!

The Art Lab is located in Chicago at 738 N. California, between Chicago and Grand. Enter through the Yellow Doors. Yes, we are handicapped accessible.

Access us by Bus lines 66 and 65. -- Parking is available, free and plentiful. Bikes may be parked outside or inside the building in designated areas

The ART LAB runs on an eco-friendly, sustainable fuel.

People with ideas, energy & purpose ...and people seeking creative ideas, new energy and life-affirming purpose.

   It's people like YOU and our Steering Group that make The Art Lab go.

Reserve Your Ticket for Nov4 First Friday Art Salon Art and Technology
for FREE Tickets!


ART LAB 123: 738 N. California (Half a block So. of Chicago Ave.)
Look for our YELLOW DOORS just past the De Canio Supply Co.'s entrance!
-Handicapped Accessible & ADA Compliant-
ArtLab123@aol.com  (312) 371-4301
Yes! We're on FACEBOOK: "Dennis Jose" and "Art Lab 123"
Easy to access via the CTA. Take the 66 or 65 CTA busses from any No./So. "L" stop near Chicago Ave
Gotta Bike? Nice area to bike to down California Ave. (Along the East side of Humbolt Park)
Gonna Drive? Plenty of FREE Parking on California and on Chicago Aves.

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