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Breakfast at Marley's

Breakfast at Marley's Preview Event

Indiegogo Campaign Party

Saturday, July 19, 2014




@ The Art Lab http://www.artlab123.com/ 738 N. California (Half a block So. of Chicago Ave.) The event will be outdoors in our garden and meditation space, unless weather does not agree. Plan B will be installed otherwise :) Look for our YELLOW DOORS just past the De Canio Supply Co.'s entrance! Looking forward to catching up and having some fun while enjoying our summer!

5pm-7pm Minglin, Music, Food and Spirits!!
Breakfast at Marley's Preview Clips will be shown. Art by Denitza Manevska, Dennis Jose and Mimi Clayton will be on display.

7pm Talk with the Director, Keith Dukavicius, the cast and behind the scenes “help”!!!

7:30pm Showing of Keith's Film “Egon” in the Screening Area of the Art Lab

7:30pm-9pm outside Music by Keith Dukavicius of Swoon Method, Alba Guerra and friends

Keith Dukavicius' next feature film "Breakfast At Marley's" has launched on June 21, 2014- August 21, 2014.

YouTube BAM Teaser Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2MNwORAUro


"Breakfast At Marley's" is the story of an unusual girl. Who's not always a girl. And isn't always a lady. She's a chanteuse. An artiste. She was the first half of a local indie rock duo in town that was going to break big, until the loss of the other half. Marley is also a completely obsessed fan of classic cinema, and often disappears into a special place she's created for herself. While mourning the loss of her lover/songwriting partner, Marley's been writing her solo album and planning her "return" show, until a new, slightly awkward neighbor, an arts and media critic for the local independent paper, (who doesn't own a PC, and prefers Smith-Coronas and Olivettis), moves in and spices things up in her world and his.

The total goal from start to finish is $80,000, so PLEASE, send the love whether it be financial, comforting support, spreading the word and just good vibrations. Thanks in advance and to those that are already on board!!!! :)))

Support us, spread the word, follow on Facebook and Twitter, and above all, Donate!!! Thanks!

YouTube BAM Teaser Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2MNwORAUro

So who is Keith Dukavicius aka Randolph Cary? www.keithdukavicius.com
2010 Chicago's "Best Underground Filmmaker"- J.R. Jones, CHICAGO READER'S "Best of Chicago”

Quoted by Dennis Jose of the Art Lab http://www.artlab123.com/  “Just donated on Indiegogo! Challenge you to do the same and let's get this cool, arty, indie film project rocking. -- Local indie films like this are a way of telling Hollywood we don't need another big budget "summer-blockbuster" that's really just another me-too money grab. -- Here's some art with heart that deserves a piece of your movie-night moolah.”


“Thanks for sharing. A meld of feeling and confusion and confrontation I wasn't expecting. I'm impressed.”
- Clay Wahlsmith


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Look for our YELLOW DOORS just past the De Canio Supply Co.'s entrance!
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