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Art Lab 123 is reaching out with postcards and tent cards!

When you attend an Art Lab event, you can get a postcard featuring one of these images.

Postcards highlight different projects of the Art Lab.

They also feature important figures that make Art Lab possible!

Image created by Dennis Jose, this is the first of many tent cards to come to send to friends and family for any occasion.


Come to our next event and pick up some free buttons!

HEY! Would  Y-O-U  like to be a future PRESENTER? It's fun to be a Presenter; not too hard; you'll be appreciated by the event attendees, and it looks good on your arts resume... DO IT. Call Dennis Jose at 312-371-4301 to reserve a time slot.! -- You'll be among folks who want to, "Get Art More Often!"


Meet...Janice Bond
Art Lab Steering Group member

Janice is...an internationally aclaimed leading-edge development strategist for arts & culture, business and community-based organizations.

The companies and individuals Janice advises include: world-class artists, marketing agencies, non-profit organizations, and Fortune 100 companies. Bondís forward-thinking high-energy approach, leadership, and insight have been utilized in the past decade for a range of successful  interactive and creative campaigns globally. 

Janice offers a singular inventiveness and remarkable energy to every client and project.  Acting as lead strategist and consultant, Janice along with her stellar team, provides high-powered services for business development, education, branding, and collaborations with arts based companies and organizations worldwide.

Janice is a noted social media pioneer and visionary. She assists Art Lab in this and other vital communications and networking capacities.

In support of the community, Janice often contributes her time and expertise to multiple organizations and institutions. She is highly sought after as a speaker, mentor, consultant and educator in this pro bono role. In 2013, Janice became the Director of Arts and Culture for Inner-City Muslim Action Network (IMAN) www.imancentral.org in Chicago, Illinois.

Want to know more? Visit www.JaniceBond.com


ART LAB 123: 738 N. California (Half a block So. of Chicago Ave.)
Look for our YELLOW DOORS just past the De Canio Supply Co.'s entrance!
-Handicapped Accessible & ADA Compliant-
ArtLab123@aol.com  (312) 371-4301
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Easy to access via the CTA. Take the 66 or 65 CTA busses from any No./So. "L" stop near Chicago Ave
Gotta Bike? Nice area to bike to down California Ave. (Along the East side of Humbolt Park)
Gonna Drive? Plenty of FREE Parking on California and on Chicago Aves.

Images above provided by Art Lab artists, Street Gallery at RAW 2010 artists, The Chicago School of Woodworking, Festival Organizers and Art Lab Mobius Group members, and friends of The Art Lab.
Copyright © 2011-2012 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by individual image producers and providers - Design S. Coenen and D. Jose