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Art Lab 123 is reaching out with postcards and tent cards!

When you attend an Art Lab event, you can get a postcard featuring one of these images.

Postcards highlight different projects of the Art Lab.

They also feature important figures that make Art Lab possible!

Image created by Dennis Jose, this is the first of many tent cards to come to send to friends and family for any occasion.


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HEY! Would  Y-O-U  like to be a future PRESENTER? It's fun to be a Presenter; not too hard; you'll be appreciated by the event attendees, and it looks good on your arts resume... DO IT. Call Dennis Jose at 312-371-4301 to reserve a time slot.! -- You'll be among folks who want to, "Get Art More Often!"


Reserve your FREE ticket for First Friday Art Salons...
Nov 4, 2011
...7 to 8:30 pm -- "ART & TECHNOLOGY"
 -- Moderator: Michael ALEXANDER
Dec 2, 2011
...7 to 8:30 pm -- "ART & The GROSS DOMESTIC HAPPINESS." -- Moderator: Bianca ALEXANDER
at ART LAB 123
(1/2 hour Meet & Greet before and after the event)

(Only 16 Tickets available for the Nov. 4th date)
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Upcoming Art Lab 123 Events


Nov 4

Art & Technology


Dec 2

Art & The Gross Domestic Happiness


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Bianca Alexander, Dennis Jose and
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